Trip to Opatija, Trieste, Hvar

14 Apr'16 to 22 Apr'16 | Last Visited 14 Jul '18 | Total Views 216
  • Thursday 14, Apr
    • 09:00 am Stay for 30 min
      St. Jacovs Church Or St. James Church

      Built in early 15th century as a colony of Benedictine monks, the abbey is the origin of name of ...

    • 3.0 km | 8 mins
      09:37 am Stay for 1 hr

      A beautiful neighbourhood displaying the culture of the locals is a scenic place to be. You can h...

    • 3.5 km | 9 mins
      10:46 am Stay for 1 hr
      Art Pavilion Juraj Matija Sporer

      A happening hot-spot for the elite to gather, this pavilion was constructed in 1899. Later, it wa...

    • 51 m | 1 min
      11:47 am Stay for 1 hr
      St. James Park

      Located just next to the Church of Sveti Jakov (St. James/ St. Jacov/St. Jacob), this park is the...

    • 5.1 km | 10 mins
      12:57 pm Stay for 1 hr

      A pleasing walking area where you can not only admire the beautiful waterfront but also gaze at t...

  • Friday 15, Apr
    • 09:00 am Stay for 30 min
      Church Of The Annunciation Of Mary

      This Croatian church was constructed by the urge of Austrians and was completed by Italians. Stun...

    • 12.3 km | 19 mins
      09:48 am Stay for 3 hrs

      This is a medieval town at 500 meters elevation from the sea which is an ideal place for a walkin...

    • 9.3 km | 17 mins
      01:06 pm Stay for 45 min
      Slatina Beach

      Beautiful coast, waters perfect for a swim, ideal sand for sunbathing and a variety of cafes and ...

    • 3.7 km | 7 mins
      01:58 pm Stay for 45 min

      A popular fishing and resort town, Ika is known for its 5-star accommodation and elite tourism.

    • 9.1 km | 13 mins
      02:56 pm Stay for 3 hrs
      Moscenicka Draga

      A beautiful petite village near Croatia- Moscenicka Draga is not a just a beach. Its alluring ped...

  • Saturday 16, Apr
  • Sunday 17, Apr
    • 08:00 am Stay for 3 hrs
      Sveti Klement

      A group of small islands in central Damlatia, Sveti Clement is one of the largest of the Pakleni ...

    • 0.7 km | 2 mins
      11:01 am Stay for 2 hrs
      Pakleni Islands

      Swim in the crystal clear waters, cruise on the secluded cloves, admire the beauty of this little...

    • 4.6 km | 11 mins
      01:12 pm Stay for 45 min
      Carpe Diem

      A great beach club with an awesome view and DJ’s playing music that drives the crowd crazy!...

    • 0.3 km | 4 mins
      02:02 pm Stay for 30 min
      Franciscan Monastery

      An ancient monastery with no recorded period of construction, though the first renovation took pl...

    • 2.5 km | 5 mins
      02:37 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Hvar Fortress

      Located atop a hill on the old town, this 16th century citadel was restored during the French rul...

  • Monday 18, Apr
    • 08:00 am Stay for 4 hrs

      A small harbour and a petite neighbourhood on the southern coast of the island of Hvar, Zavala is...

    • 21.9 km | 29 mins
      12:29 pm Stay for 2 hrs

      Great beach with snorkelling and sunbathing activities! Freshly grilled fish served with lemonade...

    • 10.1 km | 12 mins
      02:41 pm Stay for 45 min
      Central Park Club Or Club Park

      Nice decor, foot tapping Jazz music and great ambience!

  • Tuesday 19, Apr
    • 08:00 am Stay for 3 hrs

      This is a small island located along the southern shore of Hvar. It is protected as a nature park...

    • 27.9 km | 37 mins
      11:37 am Stay for 2 hrs

      A calm peaceful beach with lots of restaurants and cafes to explore as you go sunbathing!

    • 5.3 km | 8 mins
      01:45 pm Stay for 30 min
      Hvar Public Theatre

      Hosted in the iconic Arsenal building of Hvar, the Hvar public theatre is reportedly the first th...

    • 0.2 km | 2 mins
      02:17 pm Stay for 1 hr
      St. Stephens Cathedral

      A Roman Catholic cathedral in the town of Hvar, St. Stephen’s cathedral is also known as Ka...

  • Wednesday 20, Apr
    • 10:00 am Stay for 1 hr
      La Foiba Di Basovizza Or Cave Of Basovizza

      The Cave of Basovizza, declared a national monument in 1992, is the symbol of all the atrocities ...

    • 21.4 km | 36 mins
      11:36 am Stay for 2:30 hrs
      Miramare Castle

      The Castle of Miramare and its Park were built by Ferdinand Maximilian of Hapsburg who decided to...

    • 7.94 km | 9 mins
      02:15 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Piazza dellUnità dItalia

      By far the best sight in Trieste, this square is perhaps the liveliest place too. It is the hub o...

    • 4.1 km | 13 mins
      03:27 pm Stay for 1:30 hrs
      Opicina Tramway

      The iconic Opicina Tramway links Piazza Oberdan, on the northern edge of the city center, with th...

  • Thursday 21, Apr
  • Friday 22, Apr