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3 Days in Palermo - Perfect 72 Hours Guide

Palermo is a lovely city in Italy that combines art, culture, history, and architecture perfectly. It holds a significant place in the history of Italy and is well-known for its well-preserved ancient structures today. As you are planning to explore Palermo in 3 days, you will get a plenty of time to cover the major sites around. It is recommended to take a guided walking tour of Palermo in order to make the most of your time here. You can dedicate 2 days to visiting places in and around the city and on the 3rd day, you can head out of the city for a short trip. Check out this Palermo itinerary and have a memorable trip!

What to see in 3 days in Palermo?

Day 1 in Palermo :

You can start the 1st day in Palermo by going to its historic city center as it is home to several famous tourist attractions in Palermo. You will get a chance to visit some of the most beautiful palaces and ancient churches here. Here is the list of sites that you can explore around the center of the city. Begin the morning by visiting Palazzo dei Normanni as it is considered to be one of the oldest royal residences in Europe. Head to Palermo Cathedral and get awestruck by its architectural beauty. Visit the 12th-century Church of San Cataldo and go to Palazzo Pretorio that is located only minutes away. Your Palermo itinerary for 3 days must include visiting Zisa - the gorgeous castle that has a collection of Islamic art & local historic artifacts. Do not forget to stop by the popular landmark in Palermo Fontana Pretoria for some time.

Spend your evening at Quattro Canti as this public square is adorned with symmetrical fountains and statues. The old town is also the perfect place to experience the unique Palermo nightlife. You can be a part of the local canvas here.

Day 2 in Palermo :

Now that you have visited the popular points of interest in Palermo on the 1st day, it is time to explore the surrounding areas. Enter the 2nd day by visiting Cattedrale di Monreale as this landmark Norman cathedral will introduce you to Byzantine mosaics that adorn its interior. Stop by Catacombe dei Cappuccini while coming back to the city. These burial passageways are home to more than 8,000 corpses that date back to the 16th century. When you have 72 hours in Palermo, you must visit this quirky yet fascinating place. Be back to the center of the city and take a walk through the neighborhood of the Kalsa. Also known as the Mandamento Tribunali, this area has some important churches in Palermo along with palaces and museums.

You can head to Foro Italico to catch a lovely sunset as this waterfront promenade is has become a favourite destination in Palermo amongst tourists and locals alike.

Day 3 in Palermo :

There are many sports around the city that are perfect for one-day trips from Palermo. Consider visiting the coastal city of Cefalù that has something for every type traveller. Located 72 kilometers away from the center of Palermo, it takes a little more than an hour to reach Cefalù. You can spend hours wandering the streets of the city, visiting places like Norman cathedral, Museo Mandralisca, and Lavatorio Medievale Fiume Cefalino. You can laze around on the beaches like Mazzaforno beach and Settefrati beach. With only 3 days in Palermo, visiting Cefalu is a must. It has become a major tourist attraction in Italy over the years and attracts millions of travellers from around the world.

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