Trip to Pattaya

22 Dec'16 to 02 Jan'17 | Last Visited 18 Jan '19 | Total Views 28
  • Thursday 22, Dec
    • 08:16 am Stay for 1 hr
      Wat Khao Phrabat

      The Wats or Buddhist temples that dot Thailand are a definite must visit for any visitor to the c...

    • 6.9 km | 14 mins
      09:30 am Stay for 1:30 hrs
      Herb Garden Pattaya

      If you are done exploring Pattaya’s entertainment options, head over to the serene Herb Gar...

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      11:00 am Stay for 5 hrs
      Ko Lan

      Ko Lan is an island not far from Pattaya that has become famous for tourists due to its beaches. ...

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      04:00 pm Stay for 3 hrs
      Walking Street

      Infamous for its red light area, the Walking Street in Pattaya is the place to be to enjoy Thaila...

  • Friday 23, Dec
    • 09:00 am Stay for 3 hrs
      Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens

      The Nong Nooch Botanical garden is a beautiful park in Pattaya. The gardens have a huge variety o...

    • 4.0 km | 9 mins
      12:08 pm Stay for 5 hrs
      Cartoon Network Amazone

      The Cartoon Network Amazone is the world's first Cartoon Network themed waterpark. Power-puff Gir...

  • Saturday 24, Dec
    • 08:00 am Stay for 2 hrs
      The Sanctuary Of Truth

      A serene, calm and meaningful tourist destination worth a visit is the Sanctuary of truth in Thai...

    • 3.3 km | 11 mins
      10:10 am Stay for 2 hrs
      Wongamat Beach

      To escape the hustle and bustle of the popular and commercial beaches of Pattaya, head over to th...

    • 1.6 km | 5 mins
      12:15 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Teddy Bear Museum

      The Teddy Bear Museum, also known as Teddy Island is a completely unique, family friendly and sli...

    • 1.0 km | 3 mins
      02:18 pm Stay for 4 hrs
      Pattaya Beach

      Having a 4 kilometres long crescent coastline, the Pattaya Beach is more than just sea and sand. ...

  • Sunday 25, Dec
    • 07:00 am Stay for 1 hr
      Big Buddha

      Located at the very top of Pratumnak Hill you’ll find an enormous 18 metre tall Buddha stat...

    • 3.1 km | 10 mins
      08:10 am Stay for 3 hrs
      Jomtien Beach

      Jomtien or Jomtien Beach, on road signs and road maps also often written Chom Tian, is a town loc...

    • 2.0 km | 6 mins
      11:16 am Stay for 3 hrs
      Oasis Spa

      The serene Oasis Spa Pattaya is nestled in a tropical garden on the Chateau Dale estate. Their tr...

    • 2.6 km | 8 mins
      02:24 pm Stay for 6 hrs
      Pattaya Park Tower

      The Pattaya Park Tower is a landmark on Jomtien Beach. It is best known for its observation deck ...

  • Monday 26, Dec
    • 08:43 am Stay for 3 hrs
      Scuba Dawgs Pattaya

      If scuba diving is what you want to undertake while in Pattaya, try it with Scuba Dawgs Pattaya P...

    • 1.9 km | 9 mins
      11:51 am Stay for 3 hrs
      Royal Garden Plaza

      The Royal Garden Plaza was the first one to introduce the concept of ‘entertainment mall&rs...

    • 1.2 km | 4 mins
      02:55 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Beach Road

      An excellent place to visit to fulfil all your shopping and hunger pangs related dilemmas! The Be...

    • 1.6 km | 5 mins
      05:00 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Tiffanys Show

      Tiffany’s Cabaret Show has the honor of being one of the 4 best shows performed all over th...

  • Tuesday 27, Dec
    • 09:00 am Stay for 1:30 hrs
      Wat Yanasangwararam

      Located around 20 kilometres south of Pattaya, the Wat Yansangwararam temple complex is an enormo...

    • 5.9 km | 11 mins
      10:40 am Stay for 1:30 hrs
      Buddha Mountain

      A huge image of Buddha sitting cross-legged, with one hand resting on his knee and the other in h...

    • 17.3 km | 23 mins
      12:33 pm Stay for 3 hrs
      Pattaya Floating Market

      Thailand like many other Asian countries is famous for its floating markets. This old tradition h...

    • 4.3 km | 7 mins
      03:40 pm Stay for 3 hrs
      Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya

      Sports fishing in Thailand has become a popular activity. Infact, in the last 15 years, fishing f...

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