6 Day Trip to Pisa

20 Nov'17 to 25 Nov'17 | Last Visited 15 Aug '18 | Total Views 5
  • Monday 20, Nov Pisa
    • 07:00 am Stay for 1:30 hrs
      Central Market

      While in Livorno, pay a visit to its local market and get a glimpse of a typical Italian market. ...

    • 1.2 km | 4 mins
      08:33 am Stay for 45 min
      Fortezza Nuova

      Also known as New Castle, it is situated in Piccola Venezia and was originally built in 1600s for...

    • 1.7 km | 5 mins
      09:23 am Stay for 30 min
      Fortezza Vecchia

      Located on Medici port, this Fort is of historical importance and is an historical symbol of the ...

    • 2.1 km | 6 mins
      09:59 am Stay for 30 min
      Rotini Art Gallery

      Started in late 1900s, Gallery’s initial focus was on paintings made by artists like Signor...

    • 1.0 km | 4 mins
      10:33 am Stay for 15 min
      Monument Of Quattro Mori

      Literally translates to “Monument of the Four Moors”, it is situated near the Port of...

    • 1.0 km | 3 mins
      10:51 am Stay for 30 min
      Old English Cemetery

      Located near Via Verdi, it is the oldest non Roman Catholic cemetery in Italy and dates back to m...

    • 1.8 km | 5 mins
      11:27 am Stay for 1:30 hrs
      Acquario Di Livorno

      One of the top attractions to visit if you are travelling with kids! With its seafront location, ...

    • 8.8 km | 19 mins
      01:16 pm Stay for 1:30 hrs
      Sanctuary Of Montenero

      Situated atop a hill is an 18th Century shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Grace, memorial room and ...

    • 31.8 km | 31 mins
      03:17 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Giardino Scotto

      With mighty brown walls and even mightier, even browner trees, the Giardino Scotto is beautiful g...

    • 1.5 km | 4 mins
      04:22 pm Stay for 30 min
      Murale Tuttomondo Di Keith Haring

      After a long day of witnessing the classical beauty of the Piazza del Miracoli, get ready kick ba...

    • 1.3 km | 4 mins
      04:55 pm Stay for 30 min
      Guelph Tower

      Everyone is familiar with La Torre di Pisa but how about the Torre Guelfa? Located towards the No...

  • Tuesday 21, Nov Pisa
  • Wednesday 22, Nov Pisa
    • Stay for 02 hrs
      Idle Time

      Additional time available for you to plan. Just drag and drop any place into your itinerary to use up the available free time.

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      10:00 am Stay for 2 hrs
      Le Mura Di Lucca

      Lucca's monumental mura (wall) was built around the old city in the 16th and 17th centuries and r...

    • 0.4 km | 2 mins
      12:01 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Ortobotanico Di Lucca

      This Botanical garden created together along with a laboratory for Physics and an observatory for...

    • 1.1 km | 4 mins
      02:05 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Roman Amphitheatre Or Piazza Anfiteatro

      The amphitheatre to host the traditional gladiatorial shows and games was built in the second hal...

    • 0.5 km | 2 mins
      04:07 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Via Fillungo

      This street takes its name from Garfagnana’s Fillongo Castle. A stroll here is a perfect wa...

  • Thursday 23, Nov Pisa
  • Friday 24, Nov Pisa
    • 06:30 am Stay for 2 hrs
      Terrazza Mascagni

      Named after a great composer, Pietro Mascagni, Stretched across the length of the sea, this terra...

    • 53.5 km | 48 mins
      09:18 am Stay for 2 hrs
      Museo Nazionale Di Palazzo Mansi

      An important national gallery of art, Located in the city centre and dating back to 16th century ...

    • 21.7 km | 36 mins
      11:54 am Stay for 1:30 hrs
      Palazzo Blu

      Would you like to immerse yourself in beautiful art or brush your fingers against intricately det...

  • Saturday 25, Nov Pisa