1 Day Trip to Pula

19 Jul'17 to 19 Jul'17 | Last Visited 22 May '18 | Total Views 8
  • Wednesday 19, Jul Pula
    • 10:00 am Stay for 2 hrs
      The Arena

      An architectural masterpiece, an ancient roman amphitheatre and one of the largest surviving Roma...

    • 1.6 km | 4 mins
      12:04 pm Stay for 45 min

      An impressive underground system of tunnel built prior to the WW I, Zerostrasse was extensively u...

    • 0.9 km | 3 mins
      12:52 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Historical Museum Of Istria

      Founded in 1955, the historical museum of Istria is housed in a baroque style castle. Located ato...

    • 0.5 km | 2 mins
      01:53 pm Stay for 30 min
      Dvojna Vrata

      One of the landmarks of Pula, this is one of the well-preserved 10 gates city gates belonging to ...

    • 1.3 km | 4 mins
      02:27 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Monastery And Church Of St. Francis

      Located just behind the Forum square, this is a 17th century complex which mesmerises the visitor...

    • 0.8 km | 2 mins
      03:30 pm Stay for 30 min
      Temple Of Augustus

      This well-preserved Roman temple dedicated to first Roma Emperor Augustus has stood the test of t...

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      04:03 pm Stay for 30 min
      Pula Cathedral Or Cathedral Of The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

      One of the major religious buildings of Pula, this cathedral exhibits grandeur and architecture t...

    • 1.1 km | 3 mins
      04:36 pm Stay for 30 min
      Triumphal Arch Of Sergius

      Also known as the Arch of Sergii, this is another landmark of Pula reminiscing the Roman era. It ...