4 Day Trip to Rapid City from Wausau

03 Jul'16 to 06 Jul'16 | Last Visited 15 Oct '18 | Total Views 61
  • Sunday 03, Jul Wausau, Rapid City
    • Departure 05:45 am Wausau City Center

      Traveling from Wausau to Rapid City

      1263.72 km | 13 hours 16 mins Air India INR 46392

      Arrival 07:01 pm Rapid City City Center
    • 0.4 mi | 3 mins
      07:03 pm Stay for 3 hrs
      Downtown Rapid City

      Probably the most popular and most busy area of Rapid City, Downtown is the place to head to if o...

  • Monday 04, Jul Rapid City
    • 06:49 am Stay for 3 hrs
      Bear Country USA

      Easily Rapid City’s biggest and most popular attraction, the Bear Country USA is a 200 acre...

  • Tuesday 05, Jul Rapid City
    • 09:51 am Stay for 20 min
      Thunderhead Falls

      Unlike other waterfalls, the Thunderhead Falls are unique because six hundred feet within the mou...

    • 12.6 km | 12 mins
      10:23 am Stay for 1 hr
      Chapel In The Hills

      Located at the base of the Black Hills, the Chapel in the Hills is a quite little retreat open to...

  • Wednesday 06, Jul Rapid City, Wausau
    • Stay for 04:23 hrs
      Idle Time

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      Departure 02:08 pm Rapid City Regional Airport (RAP)

      Traveling from Rapid City to Wausau

      1065.61 km | 3 hours 21 mins Air India INR 46392

      Arrival 08:29 pm Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA)