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Sarajevo Itinerary 1 Day

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Trip at a Glance: Sarajevo Itinerary 1 Day

"I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list", time to make your dream trip a reality. Check out this 1-day itinerary for Sarajevo. The trip to Sarajevo is incomplete without witnessing the various main attractions.This itinerary suggests 7 attractions which you can visit during the span of 1 days of your trip. Most prominent ones being the Yellow Fortress, Latin Bridge, Gallery 11-07-95. Here you can indulge in some must see, outdoors, historical, leisure, adventure, arts & culture, museums, food & drinks, entertainment, family & kids activities like Gallery 11-07-95 and make your trip memorable. Cover the city with a stay of 00.30 hrs at Latin Bridge as you move on to the next important one. You might be so enthralled by everything that Sarajevo has to show you that you might end up forgetting to eat! Don’t make that mistake; do indulge in the local cuisine and have a gastronomically fantastic time. Feel all cosy and comfortable by staying in some of the best accommodations, Sarajevo offers you. While Sarajevo, display uniqueness in every nook and corner, you won't even realise when and how you cover a distance of 10 kilometres between all the attractions. An idealistic itinerary like this will give you the most of Sarajevo only to take back great memories!

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