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Sarajevo Itinerary 4 Days

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Trip at a Glance: Sarajevo Itinerary 4 Days

Enter into an unforgettable journey of Sarajevo as you follow this 4 day itinerary, straight from the expert travelers. Apart from covering the famous Sarajevo War Tunnel, Yellow Fortress, Latin Bridge attractions in the mesmerising Sarajevo, this itinerary also takes you off the beaten path and shows you some hidden gems as well. Begin your journey with a 00.30 hrs stay at Latin Bridge before you hop on to the next attraction Sacred Heart Cathedral. Get to know the flavours of local food; dont forget to indulge into popular authentic foods in various restaurants and local food joints of Sarajevo. Sarajevo offer the best when it comes to finding an accommodation. From hostels to luxurious hotels, you'll find something that suits your travel budget. Exploring Sarajevo will make you lose track of time and little will you realise that you have covered 22 kilometres from fiirst attraction to the last. This itinerary gives you all the reasons to love Sarajevo and to revisit again and again.

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