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Sarajevo Itinerary 6 Days

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Trip at a Glance: Sarajevo Itinerary 6 Days

Enter into an unforgettable journey of Sarajevo as you follow this 6 day itinerary, straight from the expert travelers. All you need is a quick quide for the 12 attractions of Sarajevo spannig over 6 days to make your trip memorable and fun. Out of the numerous attractions, take a look at some handpicked attractions like Sarajevo War Tunnel, Bascarsija, Yellow Fortress. Also make sure you've not missed out on these arts & culture, outdoors, must see, historical, leisure, food & drinks, adventure, museums, entertainment, family & kids activities like Gallery 11-07-95, during your trip. Cover the city with a stay of 00.30 hrs at Latin Bridge as you move on to the next imortant one. Surprise your palette by trying out new foods in Sarajevo, after all familiar is good, but new is exciting! Sarajevo has vivid accomodations from luxury to budget, that can be added to your itinerary Your trip to Sarajevo will be so exciting that a distance of 52 kilometres will be nothing but a cakewalk. Tick one more of the things to do in your bucket list by visiting Sarajevo and also follow this itinerary to get the trip kickstarted.

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