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A Day in Suzhou - Perfect 24 Hours Guide

A modern city in China, a bird’s eye view of Suzhou gives you the picture of tall buildings, modern architecture, and posh infrastructure. But once you are on the streets, you’ll see the small hidden history in every nook and corner of this city. Not forgotten, but definitely not hidden under the shadows of its past, Suzhou is a wonderful blend of all that is new, and everything archaic too. The city is known for its elegance, its gardens and its culinary brilliance. 24 hours in Suzhou are enough to get a glimpse of all that the city boasts of. Be it history, art, food and nature, you can do it all. Take a look at our Suzhou Itinerary- 1 Day before you set out!

How to spend 1 day in Suzhou?


Some of the must-visit sights in your 1-day tour would have to include the following tourist attractions.

Lingering Garden:

Home of 2 UNESCO Intangible World Heritage Arts, Lingering Garden is one of the gems of the city. Showcasing Chinese design of gardening, it is an instant favourite of all who visit it. A number of events take place here, especially during the traditional festivals.

Humble Administrator Garden:

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site of the city, Humble Administrator Garden is a small paradise with lakes and pools, pavilions and bridges, and the most precious old trees. Scholars have studied the landscaping of this garden, and something new is always learnt. The garden has three sections, east, central and west. The perfect place to observe traditional Chinese architecture, a visit here during your 1 day in Suzhou is a must!

Suzhou Museum:

Adding to the immense historic sites that the city houses, is the Suzhou Museum. A museum that displays the ancient history of this land through paintings, sculptures, calligraphy, inscriptions, and other items, there is no better place than this to delve into the past of China.

Lion Grove Garden:

It would come as no surprise that Lion Grove Garden is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. One of the best gardens in the city, along with the above two, this one boasts of having rocks that seemingly look like lions, hence giving the garden its name. An important feature of this garden is the huge labyrinth of rocks right in the center.

Tongli Water Town:

A little far from the other attractions, Tongli Water Town is one of the most ancient water towns in this region. A unique place to visit while in Suzhou, you can take boating tours in the canals and visit the temples and houses that were built in the Ming Dynasty.


Shopping in Suzhou means indulgence in art. From paintings and artefacts, to silk and embroidery, everything here is colourful, and alluring. Also, an addition to your list of shopping is tea! Take a look at the top places to visit if you want to shop.
Pingjiang Road: Amongst the top “most historic and cultural streets” in Suzhou, Pingjiang Road is one out of the nine streets in China with this title. Teemed with casual street vendors serving local delicacies, and shops that offer souvenirs, this street is actually known for its bridges.

Guanqian Commercial Street:

One of the top places for shopping in Suzhou, Guanqian Commercial Street is packed with entertainment, right from street food, shops and boutiques, and fine dining. Small and big, humble and posh, all kinds of shops are located here. Since this street is at least 150 years old, you will also get to view incredible old monuments and traditions here.


The cuisine of Suzhou is a playful marriage of seafood, with fresh vegetables, spices, and something sweet. Exciting for foodies, the sweet, salt and spice of this city remains unmatched by its neighbours. While in Suzhou, these are some of the must try dishes.

Song Shu Gui Yu:

Making it on top of the list, not surprisingly, is the Song Shu Gui Yu, also called the Squirrel-shaped Mandarin Fish. One of the celebrity dishes of the city, the traditional preparation is done during festivals, celebrations and special occasions.

Fresh Meat Moon Cake:

Popular amongst the southern regions of the country, Fresh Meat Moon Cake is a snack that has won the hearts of millions. Coming in savoury as well as sweet, these glazed buns are an old delicacy.

Jiuniang Cake:

A snack specific to only one season, the Spring, the rose filled cakes are a treat for the taste buds. They also come in various other flavours, and the best way to enjoy them is to have them warm!

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