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7 Days in Taipei - Perfect 1 Week Guide

A week in Taipei is long enough to explore the best of the city. Touring from its natural centers to its museums, and night markets to shopping avenues can all be enjoyed in these many days. Taipei has a number of shrines, national parks and zoos, museums, and some historical sights too. But most of all, the city is famous for the night markets that light up the city once the sun goes down. The best time to visit Taipei is during the fall when the weather is cool and pleasant. So, plan your trip to Taipei anytime between September to November!

What to see in Taipei in 7 days?

What you should not miss in Taipei!

Taipei is a very popular tourist destination. And as such, there are many sites and activities that you can enjoy in this city. While following are some places that you must visit, don’t forget to include Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Fort San Domingo, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, and Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. since the cultural parks are so famous, make sure you add at least one to your 7 days itinerary-Taipei.

Yangmingshan National Park:

Spread across a large area, Yangmingshan National Park is one of the most popular national parks located in Taipei. With hiking trails that lead up to Taiwan’s largest dormant volcano, it attracts a huge crowd of adventurers, especially during peak season. It also boasts of having a wide range of flora and fauna, which make this excursion exciting, to say the least!

Lungshan Temple of Manka:

With its Buddhist features, Lungshan Temple of Manka is also known to house altars for other Chinese deities. The temple was built in the year 1738 and rebuilt in the 1900s. It is till date, one of the most significant spiritual sites in Taipei.

National Palace Museum:

Established in the year 1965, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Its collections include items that were given by private collectors, researchers, as well as the royal family. The Chinese art that it showcases is famous, and 700,000 pieces proving excellence are displayed here.

Taipei Zoo:

Home to a number of species of animals from various parts of the world, and 12000 birds of various kinds, Taipei Zoo is a popular attraction amongst tourists. It was originally called Maruyama Zoo, as it was opened when the region was under Japanese Rule. It is a treat to see pandas, penguins and other animals up-close at this zoo.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall:

Dedicated to the former President of the Republic of China, Chiang Kai-shek, this memorial hall pays its respects to the leader. The entire structure took four years to be completed and was started in the year 1976. An important monument that adds value to the history of the country, you must visit it on your trip to Taipei!

Places that excite the shopaholics!

Shopping in Taipei is a popular tourist activity. And unlike it being low in the list of priorities that tourists have while visiting other destination, it rises up to be amongst the top when it comes to this incredible city.
From clothes and accessories to electronics and even books, Taipei has some of the best shopping avenues in the country. Some of the top ones are:


This neighborhood was founded during the Japanese colonization era. Previously known to be a center of entertainment due to the theatres, it soon grew into one of the most dynamic shopping areas of Taipei. Quirky accessories and souvenirs are something to look out for here.

ATT 4 Fun:

A huge shopping mall in Taipei, ATT 4 Fun is an 11 storeyed building offering its visitors a wide variety of brands and clothing. International brands, as well as vintage clothing, can best be found here. You may also want to pay a visit to the wine shops and bakeries that are located within this mall.

Shilin Market:

Famous for being one of the best night markets in Taipei, Shilin Market is a place with music, food, shopping, games, and more! Traditional souvenirs and modern trinkets can all be found here.

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