2 Day Trip to Thadikombu

08 May'18 to 09 May'18 | Last Visited 12 Dec '18 | Total Views 2
  • Tuesday 08, May Thadikombu
    • 08:20 am Stay for 45 min
      Kurinji Andavar Temple

      The Kurunji Andavar Temple is a haven of peace and quiet. Even the most cynical person can feel s...

    • 3.552 km | 9.12 mins
      09:13 am Stay for 1 hr
      Coakers Walk

      Kodaikanal is a walker’s paradise. Whether you choose to have a lazy stroll around the Koda...

    • 2.8 km | 6 mins
      10:20 am Stay for 30 min
      Hotel Gurupriya

      A visitor can take his/her pick from budget hotels like Hotel Astoria, Hotel Gurupriya, Kairali H...

    • 2.7 km | 10 mins
      11:00 am Stay for 30 min
      Kodai Resort Hotel

      Mid range hotels include Kodai Resort Hotel, Misty Mountain, Hotel RJ Inn, etc.

    • 0.9 km | 5 mins
      11:35 am Stay for 30 min
      Cloud Street

      Cloud Street which is known for its tasty Continental cuisine is also very popular.

    • 0.1 km | 1 min
      12:06 pm Stay for 45 min

      Potluck on PT Road has delectable European cuisine like Pastas, Sandwiches, pancakes, etc.

    • 30 m | 1 min
      12:51 pm Stay for 1 hr
      The Tibetan Brothers

      The Tibetan Brothers at PT Road are a must visit for authentic Tibetan and Chinese cuisine.

    • 0.3 km | 3 mins
      01:53 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Kodai International

      Reserve your accommodation in a three star hotel like Hotel Kodai International whose prime aim i...

    • 0.9 km | 4 mins
      02:57 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Bryant Park

      Bryant Park is a botanical park and is known for many kinds of flowers, hybrids and grafts. It ha...

    • 1.286 km | 2.52 mins
      04:00 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Kodaikanal Lake

      The Kodaikanal lake will probably be the first thing you see in Kodaikanal. It is the heart of th...

  • Wednesday 09, May Thadikombu
    • Stay for 07 hrs
      Idle Time

      Additional time available for you to plan. Just drag and drop any place into your itinerary to use up the available free time.

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      04:00 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Berijam Lake

      The more serene and blessed cousin of the Kodai lake, Berijam will take your breath away with it&...

    • 39.4 km | 1 hour 28 mins
      07:28 pm Stay for 45 min
      The Chocolate Factory Image

      Visit to a drool-worthy place that manufactures chocolates right in front of your eyes – se...