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This is a glimpse of what to do in Tokyo in 3 days. We have mentioned some of the frequently added attractions in Tokyo that range from historical to natural, from fun-filled to the most popular. Explore more travel ideas for a perfect 3-day Tokyo itinerary.

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See which places the fellow-travelers are visiting when they have 3 days in Tokyo. These recent itineraries will help you know what to do in 3 days in Tokyo. You may edit these trip plans according to your preference at any time.

Tokyo Itinerary 3 Days

As the capital of Japan, Tokyo is impressive with a perfect fusion of traditional aesthetics and bold innovations. The city is a delight for those looking to explore newer territories. Its exceptionally designed spaces, busy train stations, impressive gardens, sky-high hotels, and an absorbing vibe will charm every visitor to the core!

If you have 3 days in Tokyo, here are some of the top attractions that you can visit in Tokyo. These are the attractions recommeded on basis of what most of the Triphobo travelers preferred to add in their Tokyo itinerary 3 days.

What to see in 3 days in Tokyo?

Get spooked at the Aokigahara Forest 

The eerie looking Aokigahara Forest has long been mentioned in many Japanese stories and mythology and is known as a place of evil, demons, and paranormal activities. Tokyo Itinerary 3 days suggests this attraction because it offers you memorable experience in itself.

Stepping back in time at the Edo Wonderland in Tokyo Itinerary 3 days is a must

One of Japan’s most intriguing eras – the Edo period lasted from 1603 to 1857. The Edo Wonderland theme park has recreated history through the means of period costumes, ninja demonstrations, architecture, and theatre performances. In your 3 days trip to Tokyo this Japanese cultural theme park give you memories to cherish from Edo period.

Take a train to Mt. Fuji

The country’s tallest mountain is a train ride away from Tokyo. And if you are up for it, you can even go hiking on Mt. Fuji. Visiting this active Volcano site is the best experience of natural wonders for everyone. When you have got 3 days, a day is worth spending time here.

Relax at the Beni Fuji no Yu Onsen

Offering great views of Mt. Fuji, the Beni Fuji no Yu Onsen is best known for its natural hot water springs. One can get rejuvenated at this destination for sure. By adding this to attraction to your list from you can balance stressful schedule of Tokyo itinerary 3 days.

Revisit history at the Imperial Palace

Tokyo's Imperial Palace has been the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan and the imperial family. While the insides of the palace are closed to the public, a photo op here is a must!

Visit the dramatic Hakone National Park

Perfect for a day trip from Tokyo, the Hakone National Park offers plenty of activities apart from being a vantage point to view the spectacular Mt. Fuji. if you are planning Tokyo itinerary 3 days with family & kids you must reserve a day for it.

Watch a match at the Kokugikan Sumo Stadium & Museum

Join more than 10000 sumo fans to watch your favourite sumo wrestle it out! Even if you are a Sumo fan or not, when you are in Japan you must see Sumo wrestling. Out of 3 days in Tokyo you should dedicate some time for this exclusive experience in Japan.

Visit the second tallest Buddha in Japan

At the Kotokuin (Great Buddha of Kamakura), this 47-foot (14-meter) tall bronze Buddha statue is one of the top things to do in Tokyo.

Shop at Akihabara

For those looking to buy some electronics, Akihabara is your go-to shopping district. Right from electronics to anime and manga products, the hundreds of shops here will leave you spoilt for choice!

Be charmed at the Ginza Shopping District

Known for its line of chic and cosmopolitan shops, the Ginza Shopping District is a place to see some of the city’s best neon lights. Towering department stores and nightclubs are just an added bonus. You can allot some time of Tokyo itinerary 3 days for shopping in any of the shopping places mentioned above.

Buy souvenirs at Nakamise Street

Every traveller needs this! A dedicated shopping space for kitschy souvenirs and trinkets to bring home, the Nakamise Street must not be missed.

Enjoy the bizarre nightlife at Kabukicho

One of the city’s busiest nightlife and red-light districts, Kabukicho is a must visit.

Tokyo Itinerary 3 days can have flavor of history, natural wonders, traditions, culture, shopping if planned. Refer to recent & popular itineraries shown above to make your planning easier.

Tokyo Tours to Check Out for Your 3-day Trip

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Best Hotels in Tokyo for 3 Day Trip

These are some of the hotels added in the past by our travelers to their Tokyo itinerary 3 days. Check out the hotels that suit you and add them to your trip plan.

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Spend your days like a local when you are for more than 3 days in Tokyo. Visit famous sightseeing places, plan day trips to nearby cities, and enjoy touring with family and friends. Be part of the events happening in the city. Check what to do in Tokyo in 4 days or 5 days.

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