Plan Your Next Trip To Tours for Two Days

29 Jul'15 to 30 Jul'15 | Last Visited 13 Sep '18 | Total Views 437
  • Wednesday 29, Jul
    • 09:00 am Stay for 1:30 hrs
      Escape Yourself

      Escape Yourself is a recreation centre where people can come and immerse themselves in the exciti...

    • 1.6 km | 6 mins
      10:36 am Stay for 2 hrs
      Rue Nationale

      Spread over a length of 700 meters, the Rue Nationale is the oldest and one of the most crowded a...

    • 1.0 km | 4 mins
      12:40 pm Stay for 1 hr
      Cathedrale St-gatien

      The Cathedral St-Gatien is a Roman Catholic Church in the city of Tours which is devoted to the f...

    • 6.0 km | 14 mins
      01:53 pm Stay for 2 hrs

      For experiencing a special evening of fine dining and musical extravaganza in Tours city, you can...

  • Thursday 30, Jul
    • 09:00 am Stay for 1 hr
      Hotel De Ville De Tours

      Hotel de Ville de Tours or the Town Hall, as it is otherwise known as, is a beautiful tourist att...

    • 1.2 km | 5 mins
      10:04 am Stay for 2 hrs
      Basilique Saint Martin

      The Basilique Saint Martin in Tours is a basilica which was constructed to honor Saint Martin, th...

    • 1.4 km | 6 mins
      12:10 pm Stay for 1:30 hrs
      Musee Du Compagnonnage

      The Musee du Compagnonnage or the Guild Museum is a municipal museum in Tours that is located in ...

    • 8.3 km | 13 mins
      01:53 pm Stay for 2 hrs
      Aviasim Tours

      AviaSim offers a unique experience of piloting an airline simulator in Tours city. A dream come t...