1 Day Trip to Valencia from Deltebre

By Guest User | 21 Sep'17 to 21 Sep'17
  • Thursday 21, Sep Deltebre, Valencia
    • Departure 09:15 am Deltebre City Center

      Traveling from Deltebre to Valencia

      194.55 km | 2 hours 4 mins Air India INR 46392

      Arrival 11:19 am Valencia City Center
    • 0.7 km | 4 mins
      11:23 am Stay for 1 hr
      La Lonja De La Seda

      This lovely gothic hall was once a major mercantile hotspot. So much so the UNESCO named it a wor...

    • No transit found

      12:28 pm Stay for 1 hr
      St Marys Cathedral

      This eleventh century cathedral is essentially Gothic, but melds multiple influences into its str...

    • No transit found

      01:33 pm Stay for 45 min
      Mercado Central

      Among the famous markets of the world, this one doesn’t get nearly as much fame as it ought...

    • 3.9 km | 9 mins
      02:27 pm Stay for 1 hr

      This zoo is pretty unusual in that it allows the animals a great degree of freedom of movement. T...

    • 7.9 km | 16 mins
      03:43 pm Stay for 3 hrs

      Nine massive underwater towers representing the various ecosystems of the planet house a wide ran...

    • Stay for 02:24 hrs
      Idle Time

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    • 3.8 km | 12 mins
      Departure 09:19 pm Valencia City Center

      Traveling from Valencia to Deltebre

      193.35 km | 2 hours 3 mins Air India INR 46392

      Arrival 11:22 pm Deltebre City Center
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