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7 Days in Venice - Perfect 1 Week Guide

Venice is the charming, exquisite city in Italy. Known as the city of canals and bridges, it is home to many alluring sites that hold a significant place in the history. While exploring Venice in 7 days, you will come across its magnificent churches with stunning architecture, its grand palaces that carry history in every corner, and its museums that can take you back in time. Check out this detailed list of categories of tourist attractions that will help you make a perfect Venice itinerary. You can choose different sites according to your interest and have a memorable trip!

If you want to have a wholesome experience and soak yourself in delightful Italian vibes, then make sure you stay in areas like Castello, Cannaregio, and Giudecca. Most of the hotels in Venice are located in these neighbourhoods and will give you a chance to be a part of the local canvas.

What to see in Venice in 7 days?

Palaces in Venice:

The beauty of Venice has been doubled by the palaces it has. With the history dating back to the 9th century, many of the city’s palaces tell the fascinating stories of the past. Though the original buildings are nowhere to be seen, its renovated and remodelled versions are enough to leave you awestruck. Your Venice itinerary for 7 days cannot be complete without visiting Doge's Palace that is popularly known as Palazzo Ducale in Italian. The list of other popular structures includes Palazzo Grassi, Palazzo Barbarigo, Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti, Palazzo Corner della Ca' Grande, Hotel Danieli, Ca' Foscari, and Ca' d'Oro to name a few.

Most of these palaces are architectural wonders and have been converted into museums or hotels today. Take a guided tour of these structures to understand the history.

Churches in Venice:

The city of Venice is home to hundreds of churches, basilicas, and cathedrals. Basilica of Saint Mark is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Venice. This historic place of worship is one of the finest artistic wonders that represent Italo-Byzantine architecture. The Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari is another place that you can visit when you have 7 days/6 nights in Venice. The Church of San Pantalon, Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli, and The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore are some of the top churches to visit in Venice.

Keep in mind that almost all the churches are open to the public without any entry fee, but there are some places where you will have to buy a ticket to go inside.

Bridges and canals in Venice:

This is what the city is famous for! Venice canals and bridges have become the identity of the city over the centuries. It has 177 canals and more than 400 bridges that make for a charming sight. These canals are major water-traffic corridors in Venice and attract millions of tourists throughout the year. With 1 week in Venice, you must dedicate an entire day to exploring these wonders of the city. Take a gondola tour of the Grand Canal and take a walk across Rialto Bridge and Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri) to understand the exquisite beauty of Venice.

Exploring the canals in evening is recommended if you are interested in witnessing the spectacular water reflecting thousands of sparkling lights illuminating the city.

Museums in Venice:

The city that dates back to hundreds of years is dotted with several types of museums that tell the different aspects of Venice. It has art galleries that will introduce you to masterpieces of modern as well as ancient art forms and museums will take you back in time. Doges' Palace is the most amongst tourists it has more than 10 museums on its premises. With 7 days in Venice, you can explore other museums at your own pace as well. Consider visiting places like Museo Civico Correr, Galleria dell'Accademia, Ca'Rezzonico, and Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Learn about the history, art, culture, and traditions while in the city and make the most of your time.

Landmarks in Venice:

A trip to Venice is incomplete without visiting historical sites that add charm to the beauty of this city. It is a perfect combination of buildings that carry numerous architectural influences and structures that represent Italian style. Catching a live performance or taking a tour of Teatro La Fenice is a must when you are in Venice. Stop by St Mark's Clocktower and Villa Foscari for some time. Visit Burano Island and San Giorgio Maggiore Island to get a glimpse of unique lifestyle and history of Venice. Spend some time at the iconic Piazza San Marco as this public square is an ideal place to sit and watch life go by. Your 7 days Venice itinerary must include visiting Lido di Venezia as well. This stretch of land is home to some of the most picturesque beaches in Venice.

Parks and gardens in Venice:

When it comes to spending some time in the heart of nature, Venice has many options to choose from. It has gardens and parks where you can take a leisurely walk or have a relaxing picnic with your loved ones. Giardini della Biennale is a must-visit garden as it also hosts different art exhibitions throughout the year. Consider stopping by Parco Savorgnan and Giardini Papadopoli for some time while wandering around. Royal Gardens is the waterfront garden where you can sit and relax. Most of the parks in Venice have separate play areas for kids making them ideal family-friendly destinations.

Shopping and entertainment:

Never miss a chance to go shopping in Venice. The city is home to several major districts with numerous options for entertainment and nightlife in Venice. You can dedicate one whole day to go on a shopping spree and pampering your taste buds. The areas around Rialto Bridge and in the Piazza San Marco are dotted with hundreds of shops and boutiques where you will find local as well as international brands. Wander around the center of the city and buy lovely souvenirs. If you are looking forward to eating local delicacies and traditional Italian dishes, then neighbourhoods like Castello are perfect for you!

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