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This is a glimpse of what to do in Xian in 3 days. We have mentioned some of the frequently added attractions in Xian that range from historical to natural, from fun-filled to the most popular. Explore more travel ideas for a perfect 3-day Xian itinerary.

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3 Days in Xian - Perfect 72 Hours Guide

Dotted with a number of beautiful temples and Taoists schools, the Chinese city of Xian is a unique place to visit. Xian was once called as Chang’an- “a city of eternal peace”. The archaeological site of Xian presents a wonderful picture of its past and its ancient temples tell many tales about its religious beliefs. Spending 3 days/ 2 nights in Xian is something one must experience for a unique cultural experience in China. This 3-day Xian itinerary will tell you how you can do this.

What to see in 3 days in Xian?

Day 1 in Xian

Begin your day at the Terracotta Army of Xian where you will find a huge collection of terracotta sculptures that resemble the army of Qin Shi Huang. These lively structures were built during the 3rd century BC. The Lintong Museum can be your next stop to explore the Chinese artifacts dating 3000 years back. Walk for 15 minutes and you will reach the mineral hot spring of Huaqing Pool. You will need at least an hour to enjoy the scenic views of this place. Head to the archaeological site of Banpo that will make you familiar with the glory of China’s 6000 years’ old past. The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and Shaanxi History Museum can be other places to visit during the day.

Day 2 in Xian

On the 2nd day of your 72 hours in Xian, you can start off the day at Xi’an Museum. Here you will see a historic pagoda along with the exhibits of local heritage. The Small Wild Goose Pagoda will be the next attraction. Click some beautiful pictures of this iconic temple and its surroundings. A 15 minutes’ drive will take you to the Stele Forest that house a huge collection of stone sculptures. Another interesting thing to see this day is the Bell Tower of Xi'an. Spend some time at the Taoist temple of Xi’an Baxian Gong and finally stop at the Danfeng Gate Heritage.

Day 3 in Xian

Save this day for exploring some other attractions of the city and for shopping something as a souvenir for your friends. You can visit the Great Mosque of Xian and Xi'an Daxuexi Alley Mosque and then head to Du City God Temple. Make a trip to the Relics Park where Weiyang Palace is located. You can also go to admire the Ancient City Wall. If you are in Xian with kids, it would also be a good idea to spend some time at the theme park of Tang Paradise. The evening light show of this park is something everyone enjoys.

These fun-filled 3 days in Xian will make you familiar with the rich culture, spirituality, and art of the city as well as China.

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