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Make your travel planning easier by using these perfect 5 days in Yellowstone National Park itineraries from our users and travel experts. Look out for wisely chosen places you would like to explore during 5 days in Yellowstone National Park.

What to do in 5 Days in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is one place which is ideal for adventurers as well as lazy bums. While it has miles and miles of hiking trails, there are numerous scenic spots in the park where you can sit for hours together basking in the tranquillity of nature. With more than 2000 campsites in the park, you can easily set your base camp and then thoroughly explore the entire national park.

The 5 days in Yellowstone National Park would be perfect to see all the must-visit spots. You can also indulge in a variety of activities such as bicycling, boating, and fishing. Below are the prime attractions that should be added to your Yellowstone National Park itinerary of 5 days. These attractions are spread throughout the park.

What to pack for 5 days in Yellowstone Hike?

The first thing you must do before visiting the national park is to get a map of the area. You must then map the distance of the attractions from each other and then accommodate the nearby ones in each day. This way, you will be able to cover most parts of Yellowstone National Park. Since you will be having a heavy luggage to fit your belongings for 5 days, carry a small backpack that you can use while you go sightseeing!

What to See in Yellowstone National Park in 5 Days

Geysers Hill and Thermal Areas:

Yellowstone National park has around 300 natural geyser basins and more than 1000 thermal features. The best ones include Upper Geyser Basin, Black Sand Basin, Biscuit Basin, Norris, Artist Paint Pots, and Mud Volcano. If you decide to visit Upper Geyser Basin then it would definitely take your entire day. At some of these basins, you will come across fascinating coloured pools that capture your attention and leave you to spellbound. Many of these spots being active, may erupt any time of the day, allowing you to witness an interesting natural phenomenon.

Lower Yellowstone Waterfalls:

Around 300 cascading waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park will undoubtedly leave you baffled. Each waterfall in the park is a treat to the eye. Be it Mystic Falls, Kepler Cascades, or Tower Falls, you will be compelled to visit the national park just to observe these beauties. If you visit Biscuit Basin, then a short hike behind it will lead you to the lovely Mystic Falls.

Hiking Trails:

Lace up your boots, for you have miles to hike at Yellowstone National Park. Every waterfall in the national park can be reached after hiking along short trails. However, if you want to dedicate an entire day to hiking, you must hike to the top of Mount Washburn. Walking through the forested area, you will feel much closer to nature. Also, you will come across a variety of wild animals during your trek.

Wildlife Sightings near Hayden Valley:

Yellowstone National Park is home to more than 450 wildlife species which also includes the wild grey wolf. There are a number of spots in the national park from where you can view these wild animals. Head towards the Lamar Valley which is considered to be the best sight to see different animals. Bear sightings are frequently reported in this area. You can also visit the Hayden Valley in the park to view animals. You can, at times, see pelicans near the Fishing Bridge in the park.

Plan your 5 days in Yellowstone National Park including all the above-mentioned attractions to make the most of your time.

Tours and Activities to Include

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