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6 Days in Yellowstone National Park Vacation Guide

Yellowstone National Park has an honor of being the first National Park in the world. You will be awestruck by the vision of almighty volcano and the hot springs, geysers, mud pots its hidden power has produced all around. Wildlife, lakes, hills, waterfalls are just among the numerous things you can do in the Yellowstone National Park and unwind with nature. This Yellowstone National Park 6 days, 5 nights long itinerary will help you discover this alluring creation of nature:

What to see in Yellowstone National Park in 6 days?

Day 1 In Yellowstone National Park

Start your tour of the Yellowstone National park with a visit to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The first large canyon on the Yellowstone river also offers you a view of the lower Yellowstone River falls. The vibrant and attractive rock colors are a result of hydrothermal alteration and are a sight to behold. Get a scintillating view of the Grand Canyon from the inspiration point, which is a headland cliff on the rim of the Canyon. Have your lunch at the artist point enjoying the magnificent view ahead of you. The falls in Canyon is dramatic and twirly. Let the drama unfold before you through the course of your day in the Grand Canyon!

Day 2 In Yellowstone National Park

Head off to the Old faithful Inn, the most requested lodging facility and world's largest log structure. It has a massive stone fireplace and a hand-crafted clock standing with pride. Have a peaceful breakfast there and proceed towards Old Faithful, a highly predictable geothermal cone geyser. These columns of boiling water being thrown at the height of almost ninety feet will leave you astonished. Head to another astonishing place in the evening which is the Yellowstone Caldera. It is a supervolcano and the magma pit there is still a matter of enigma and awe.

Day 3 In Yellowstone National Park

Grab the opportunity of exploring a part of the beginning of the world's first ever national park. With the wildlife often on grounds, you get a totally new experience of strolling in a well-built fort with the wildlife in it. Visit the Mammoth hot springs afterward. Mammoth Hot Springs is a must-visit feature of Yellowstone. They are unique because of the composition of limestone rock which is a relatively soft type of rock hence makes the springs look like a cave turned inside out. End your first half of the 6 days in Yellowstone National Park by visiting the Museum of National Park Roger.

Day 4 In Yellowstone National Park

Start your day with a hike to the Uncle Tom’s trail. This trail takes you to the top of the Grand Canyon from the base of 300 feet high lower falls. You can actually see Rainbow cutting through the splash of those falls. Head to the Canyon Village to have a good lunch after your hike and take your time to buy some souvenirs for your friends and loved ones. Then head to the Hayden Valley, a beautiful valley offering you panoramic views of the Canyon and also of the herds of bison, grizzly bears, geese, pelicans and a plethora of wildlife.

Day 5 In Yellowstone National Park

Start your morning with a visit to the Morning Glory pool which is a hot spring situated in the upper geyser basin. Originally known as the Convolutus, the distinct color of this pool is a main point of attraction and it is due to the habitat of bacteria in it. After driving south along the Grand loop, you will reach the Firehole River. Take a detour to experience the extraordinarily scenic beauty of the canyon and falls. You can then visit the Tower falls during sunset, when it is not that crowded.

Day 6 In Yellowstone National Park

Spend your last day of 6 days in Yellowstone National Park by hiking the Mt., Washburn. The hike is a picturesque one with a refreshing view of the wildflowers and if you are lucky, you even get to see some bears and deer up top/ The mountain looks even more stunning when the peak is snow covered. Rest somewhere on the benches provided there, have a peaceful lunch and then take a loop hike up to a narrow ravine to experience some dramatic waterfalls and some hidden hot springs.

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