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Zhengzhou is one of the most coveted destination in the world to make your visit. Populated with a number of attractions and sights to visit, this city appeals to the imagination of many tourists from around the world, leaving you spell bound. On your quick visit to Zhengzhou, you simply should not miss out on attractions like Shaolin Temple In Song Mountains, Century Amusement Park, Henan Museum. Some of the best historic attractions in the city include Henan Museum, Er'qi Square And Er'qi Strike Monument Tower, Zhengzhou Town's God Temple and they totally deserve a quick visit. For outdoor lovers, attractions like Shaolin Temple In Song Mountains, Century Amusement Park, Henan Museum are a must-visit! There are some other attractions in Zhengzhou that are equally important to visit such as Longmen Grottoes, Shaolin Temple, White Horse Pagoda and are worthwhile becoming a reason to extend your stay here. As you plan your trip to Zhengzhou for 5 days, make sure you check these top travel tips to know the insider advice on the visit to this city. To satiate the inner foodie in you, Zhengzhou has got plenty of eating joints and restaurants that serve droolworthy local food. Add restaurants such as to your trip plan to have food coma on your vacation. While in the city, you can also take guided tours to various attractions. Capture the maximum and cover most of your attractions while choosing for these skip the lines tickets such as for a better travel experience and making the most of your time.

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