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    What's a Vacation

    There’s an excellent quote that says, “A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it”. The vacation definition is a pretty clear; it is a time-off from the routine, perhaps for extended duration, which is spent away from home or on a travel. Be it the movie which was a 1983 classic- National Lampoon’s Vacation, the 2015 film Vacation or Thomas Rhett’s Vacation song or an actual vacation to someplace you dream, everyone knows what a vacation is! Meaning of a Vacation is much more than just a getaway. It is where you relax, refresh and revive your own being! To be honest, everyone wants a vacation, everyone deserves one!

    1983 Vacation- the Movie

    In the classic cult movie of 1983- Vacation (National Lampoon's Vacation), the Griswold family embark on a cross-country road trip from Chicago to California. This vacation turns into a series of mishap but in the end, turns out to offer a memorable family-bonding for the Griswolds. This popular movie was the first one of the series to follow that included ‘European Vacation’, ‘Christmas Vacation’, ‘Vegas Vacation’, the recent movie ‘Vacation’ that released in 2015. This series of movies was bursting with Vacation ideas, leaving you inspired to plan a vacation with your family. The latest Vacation (2015 film) cast was totally fresh and saw the Griswold kids grow up and resolve their family issues on a vacation to Walley World CA like old times!

    Vacation in Popular culture

    If jumping on the beach, splashing on the waves like Thomas Rhett’s Vacation video is your idea for rejuvenation, a beach vacation is perhaps your thing! While these are the most relevant examples to vacation, there are tons of other movies and songs that have inspired us to go on a vacation. Be it with the classic movie of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ where a woman (Julia Roberts) embarks on a vacation to find herself, the popular drama movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ or the Woody Allen rom-com movie ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’, popular culture has always motivated us to take that one life-changing vacation!

    Why You Need a Vacation?

    Running around the clock, constantly trying to chase something, obtaining materials and possessing them; life unfolds a new pressure everyday. And however rewarding our work might be, we need a break to relax, rejuvenate and refresh our tired bodies and exhausted souls. A vacation is hence one of the proven therapies that can instantly elevate our mood, fuel our minds with energy and exhilarate our day-to-day living.

    There are proven benefits of having a vacation. Quality time with family, loved ones or even ourselves being the most important one, vacation gives you the much needed tranquility to ponder over our dreams, organise our thoughts and pump up our minds and bodies with energy. At least once a year, take a vacation and you will realize how much you needed it!

    Vacation Packages

    Book Your Customized Vacation Package with TripHobo Once you have chosen your vacation type, the budget and the best vacation spot to suit your interests, the next most cumbersome task is to plan the vacation. Vacation planning can be really tedious if you don’t have the right tool to help you out. And if you want to avoid the procedure of planning the vacation on your own, you can opt for readymade vacation packages that are available. On TripHobo, you can book from the pre-existing readymade vacation packages to any destination for your choice and suitable to you budget. These all inclusive vacation package deals are a great pick for anyone who wants to have a vacay without going through the trouble of planning each day of their vacation. Alternatively, if you don’t want to opt for readymade vacation packages, you can customize your own vacation package with TripHobo’s online vacation planner that lets you choose from more than 80,000 destinations in the world. Choose your vacation destination and create an all-inclusive vacation package based on your preferences within few simple steps. Alternatively, you can also build your own vacation package on the lines of the vacation ideas shared by other users and travel experts on TripHobo. These vacation packages will include your day-wise vacation plan along with details of your hotel booking, tour booking and internal transport. After creating a vacation plan, you can book hotels and tours for your vacation on TripHobo. You can also share your vacation plans with friends and access it on your phone on the go.

    How to Build a Vacation Package on TripHobo?

    Building a vacation package on TripHobo is easy and involves few simple steps:

    • Choose where you want to go. You can add multiple cities & countries from over 90K destinations in the world.
    • Pick your travel dates. Choose your preferred/pre-booked mode of transport for the journey.
    • For readymade vacation package, you can click on ‘suggest me a plan’ button. TripHobo will offer a day-wise vacation package with attractions, accommodation & experiences for your desired destination.
    • If you want to build a D.I.Y. Vacation Package, hit the ‘Let me plan’ button.
    • Add accommodation to your vacation package. Choose from a hotel or an AirBnb of your choice. You can also add a pre-booked accommodation.
    • Add attractions, tours, activities and experiences of your choice. You can also add custom places to your vacation package.
    • Finish your vacation package, book it and share with your friends on social media.

    Vacation and Budget

    A vacation need not always be as luxurious as it sounds. While all-inclusive vacation packages are a preferred choice for a honeymoon vacation or anyone who wants to splurge, a vacation can also be done on a budget. There are plenty of cheap vacation ideas like a staycation where you stay within and explore your own city like tourist. To cut down on the expenses, you can always avoid booking last minute vacation packages and opt for planning your vacation in-advance. You can also get all inclusive cheap vacations with airfare if you take your vacation planning seriously! For a romantic getaway like a honeymoon, there are plenty of cheap romantic vacations that you can take, preferably off-season to save even more!

    Types of Vacations

    Many of us, rather most of us have a time constraint to plan a vacation and to execute one. But in true sense, a vacation need not be very long, somewhere far or something expensive. There are multiple types of vacations that you can embark on, depending on your schedule.

    • Weekend Vacations

      Weekend Vacations

      Short and crisp, these vacations start late on friday (or saturday mornings) and end by sunday night. These vacations are to short-distance places, resorts, hill stations or beaches that are just a drive away. Weekend vacations are a perfect way to combat a stressful week and to start fresh on a Monday!

    • Inter-country vacations

      Inter-country vacations

      These might be shorter or longer duration and are an excellent way to explore your own state, province or a country like a traveller. There is so much to see and absorb within your own country, you’ll be surprised. These vacations are ideal for a smaller budget.

    • International Vacations

      International Vacations

      Expected to be slightly expensive, these vacations are the ones that need proper planning as well as execution. Also possible on budget, International vacations are a great way to explore a totally different land, diverse culture and a destination that you are absolutely new to!

    • Staycations


      The newest addition to the type of vacations, these vacations are an ideal way to explore your own city without much hassle of travelling anywhere. Perfect for anyone and everyone who needs a break and doesn’t want to spend a lot of time in commuting out of their hometown.

    • Urban Vacations

      Urban Vacations

      This type of vacation is suitable for people who want to explore the cityscape. Tall buildings, chic shopping complexes, fast-paced public transports and plush places to chill, urban vacations can be rewarding in its own sense. Cities like NYC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Shanghai are perfect for urban vacations.

    • Luxury Vacations

      Luxury Vacations

      Ideal for anyone who wants to splurge on their vacation, a luxury vacation can be an all-inclusive vacation that includes stay in an all-inclusive resort at an expensive destination, chauffeur-driven transport and more emphasis on high-end sightseeing.

    • Budget vacations

      Budget vacations

      One important concern for anyone who wants to plan a vacation is budget. For all those who think that vacations are only meant for people with lot of money, here’s a good news! Vacations can be done on budget too. With DIY vacation planning, you can create a vacation package to suit your budget. It can be a backpacking trip, a budget solo vacation or even a family vacation on budget. The vacation spot can be chosen according to the budget and instead of hotels, homestays or Airbnb’s can be booked. Local travel during the vacation can be also done on cheap by using public transport.

    • Beach vacations

      Beach vacations

      A beach vacation is the best choice of vacation spot for anyone who love splashing in waters and having fun in the sun. Beach vacations are literally the most relaxing, since the most important activity on a beach vacation is to relax on shiny sandy beach and bake under the sun. The Caribbean, Bali, Maldives, Greek Islands and Italian destinations like Capri & Amalfi coast are the most preferred beach vacation spots by travellers.

    • Mountain Vacations

      Mountain Vacations

      These are suitable for outgoing travellers who like to add a taste of outdoors to their vacation. Although, vacations to quaint hill stations can be relaxing and more of casual outdoors, most of the mountain vacations include medium to high level of hiking, staying out in a cabin and an excellent weather for outdoor activities. Hire out a cabin or choose a hotel, a mountain vacation guarantees a lot of fun! Some of the most popular mountain vacation destinations are the Alps, the national parks of USA and the petite hill-stations of India.

    • History and Culture Vacations

      History and Culture Vacations

      Most ideal vacation type to suit a family vacation, history and culture vacation destinations are great for solo or couple travel as well. Discovering excellent architecture, historical monuments and buildings and touring the museums is around which these vacation packages are build. Mostly urban, some history and culture vacation destinations can also take you to some of the most exotic spots in the world. Every continent is dotted with multiple destinations that suit this vacation type, but Europe takes the crown among them all! For an offbeat history and culture vacation, countries like India and Peru have unmatched diversity to offer!

    Top 10 Vacation Destinations

    • Paris vacations


      Ultimate vacation spot replete with history, architecture, culture, fashion and an unmatchable aura! Paris is a top vacation destination in the world perfect for a romantic honeymoon vacation, a solo vacay or a luxury vacation with family.

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    • London vacations


      Quintessentially Classic, London is a city perfect for a vacation all year round. While summers bring out the best of the city, winters are magical, thanks to the festive colour the city adorns!

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    • Rome vacations


      An ideal vacation place for a history buff, Rome is a city that has to be indulged into, sip by sip. The hotspot for ancient Roman Empire, Vatican City and tons of monuments reflecting centuries of art, history and culture, visit Rome for the ultimate European vacation.

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    • Bali vacations


      Think Blue! Think Bali! A beach destination that is loaded with experiences that will stun you at every moment, Bali is a great honeymoon destination and also a great place for a budget vacation. The sun, the sand and the sea all invite you to plan your sojourn!

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    • New York City vacation

      New York City

      Urban cityscape with unmatched international appeal, NYC is the hub that runs, drives and fuels the world! Every nook and corner will surprise you, the cities gigantic towers, interesting downtown and plethora of ethnicities and cultures that thrive in harmony is bewitching.

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    • Bangkok vacations


      If you are looking for a vacation spot in Asia that is perfect for a budget vacation. Bangkok is the answer! Dead cheap deals, excellent nightlife, dazzling streets and beautiful beaches, Bangkok is that destination where the party never ends!

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    • Barcelona vacation


      Culture with an chic vibe painted with a Spanish touch, Barcelona is one of the best European vacation spots on budget! Affordable, eclectic and charming- Barcelona presents you the best of both worlds.

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    • Dubai vacations


      Shopping! Desert Safari! Burj Khalifa! No answer for a vacation can be easier than Dubai! With its gold souks and shopping festivals, the thrilling desert safaris and towering buildings like Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, Dubai is the ultimate go-to destination for a short vacation.

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    • Miami vacation


      The rustic charm of Cuban culture matched with international feel of Florida, Miami is a vacation destination in USA that is urban, modern and eventful! Its glaring beaches, enchanting drives, beautiful districts and excellent atmosphere make it a perfect place for a vacation.

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    • Amsterdam vacation


      Romantic, full of heritage and dreamy, Amsterdam is one of the best vacation spots in Europe. Great for art lovers, Amsterdam flaunts the work of great artists and defines the structures of the golden age making it perfect for an art and culture vacation.

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