15 Best Things To Do in San Jose, California

San Jose or The city of San Jose is famous for its thriving tech industry and it has also earned the nickname of “Capital of Silicon Valley”. Living in San Jose is quite expensive and only rich and affluent people can think of purchasing a property in this city.

The city of San Jose is the third largest in California and tenth in the USA when it comes to the population of the city. San Jose’s history is not just rich but vibrant too as it includes Mexicans and Spanish also. You can explore lots ofSan Jose tourist attractions as it has beautiful parks, museums, markets and many other attractions.

Here's the list of San Jose points of interest and 15 best things to do in San Jose:

1. Get inspired by the Tech Museum of Innovation

Started in a garage, the Tech Museum of Innovation turned to be very popular among the youth and 8 years later, it has been shifted to a 132000 square foot premises. The main purpose of the museum is to inspire the youth so that they can work for making the world a better place to live. It is a good place to be visited by the whole family as there is something for everyone.

2. Take your child to the Children’s Discovery Museum

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This museum was opened in 1990 and the Child magazine has listed it as one of the top ten children museums in USA while the London Observer has listed it in one of the top 5 science centers of the world. The museum which has been visited by more than 7 million people addresses all the various needs of the children and that too, in an interactive manner. They keep on researching on the new methods to make sure that children get to learn the maximum when they make a visit in the museum.

3. Dedicate some time to the ancient Egyptians at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

This museum can easily be called a tribute to the ancient Egyptians as this museum has the highest number of items from ancient Egypt in the Western USA. The museum also has a planetarium which is quite impressive. The architecture of the museum also gives a feeling as if you are in ancient Egypt and not in USA.

4. You should take a walk in the Alum Rock Park and meet various animals

Situated in the foot of the Diablo Mountain Range, it is one of the oldest municipal parks of California. The park spans in the area of 740 acres where you can take a jog, walk or cycle or you can also have a picnic planned with your family. However, there are good chances that you may also get to see wild animals in the park such as deer, bobcats, mountain lions and others.

5. Enjoy quality time with family at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

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A pretty good place to enjoy some quality time with the family, it is a small amusement part which stretches in the area of 16 acres and has nearly 150 animals in its zoo. It also has some amusement rides such as roller coaster, carousel, etc., and visitors can also enjoy a puppet show.

6. Buy whatever you want at the San Jose Flea Market

The origin of the San Jose Flea Market dates back to 1960 and here you can find stalls of almost every item of your need. After shopping you can dine at any of the eating joints and take a ride of mini-ferris or carousel. In 1960, it started with just 20 sellers but now there are 1000-2000 sellers who do business here on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as the market opens on these days only. As per an estimate, nearly more than 4 million visitors come to the market every year.

7. Get the feel of Japan in San Jose by visiting Japantown

Earlier, the Japantown was situated next to the Chinatown but during the World War II, the residents of Japantown were shifted in the camps. After the war, many Japanese settled in different area of the city but the ethnicity of the Japantown is still being maintained by the locals who are running the restaurants and businesses as per Japanese taste and traditions.

8. Study the history of Vietnamese Americans at Viet Museum

The Viet Museum which is also known as the Museum of the Boar People and the Republic of Vietnam gives an insight of the history of Vietnamese Americans. Three permanent exhibitions are displayed in this non-profit museum, the first one (1950-75), the second one (1975-96) and the third one takes into consideration the Vietnamese Americans of today.

9. Get surrounded by roses at the Municipal Rose Garden

This is definitely one of the best places for giving rest to your senses as it is home to huge number of roses – more than 4000 of 189 varieties planted in five and half acres of land, and they are spreading their fragrance since 1927. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest rose gardens of the world and the varieties will increase further as the rose cultivators are trying to develop the new hybrids on a regular basis. Its extraordinary beauty has made it a popular choice for wedding venue and all these properties make it a must visit attraction.

10. Get everything fresh at the San Pedro Square Market, San Jose, CA

This is one market which is very popular not only among the locals but also among the tourists and the reason being the freshness of the food items. It feels as if all the food is coming on the table straight from the farm and it can’t get fresher than this. The market also offers the option of buying arts and crafts, bakery items and coffee.

11. Learn about the Portuguese history at the Portuguese Historical Museum

This is also one of the most important points of the history of San Jose and it imparts knowledge about how the life used to be in 20th century in Santa Clara Valley. The first imperio was built in 1915 to honor the Holy Spirit and soon it became a religious hub and this historical museum is replica of the former.

12. Play Golf At Shoreline Park or indulge in water sports

The Shoreline Park was bought by the city of Mountview in 1968 and used for the landfill purposes till 1983, when it was thought of to develop the land for the recreational purposes. Along with other facilities, the park has a 18-hole golf course and it also has artificial lake which is spanned in an area of 50 acres and visitors can enjoy various activities here such as kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing and various other sports. Long trail is also available for the jogging or walking purposes.

13. Unleash the artist at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

The San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art which was founded in 1980 has three art galleries and visitors of all age groups can visit here and enjoy the artwork and appreciate it. The exhibitions can be organized for both the individuals as well as the groups. Visiting the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art is something the art lovers can’t miss as lectures of artists, exhibition tours, art auctions, musical performances and many other activities are also organized.

14. Visit a different kind of museum - San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

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It is a museum of different kind as it is the first museum which is working for exhibiting the complicated art of quilts and textiles. The museum which was set up in 1977, showcases the collection of over 550 quilts, garments and textiles and all of these have been created by the artists from the 20th and 21st centuries. There is also a library in the museum which contains around 500 books which talk about the origin, history and techniques of this art form. Not only this, classes and lectures are also organized by the museum for the adults as well as children and tours are also organized quite a good times in a month.

15. Shopping at Santana Row is something you can’t miss

Travelling is almost incomplete without shopping and the city of San Jose offers many options for the shopping lovers and Santana Row is one of them. There are quite good number of branded shops along with small local ones as well and twenty restaurants to dig your teeth in tasty delicacies. If you want more entertainment, you can watch a movie in the movie theatre or if you want to relax your senses than you have the option of choosing any spa from the 9 spas available at Santana Row. This place has already earned many awards for its beautiful and remarkable design and it has to be on your list of places to visit whenever you go to the city of San Jose.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in San Jose

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    Winchester Mystery House

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    The Peralta Adobe

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    Address: 180 W St John St San Jose, CA 95110, USA

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    Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

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    Address: 1660 Park Avenue San jose, CA-95195, USA

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    The Tech Museum Of Innovation

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    Children's Discovery Museum Of San Jose

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    Address: 180 Woz Way, San Jose, CA-95110, USA

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    The little ones will love this lovely treat in San Jose. Museums all over the world are turning interactive to aid learning and the Children’s Discovery Museum opitimizes this exact thought proc...Read more

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    Guadalupe River Park And Gardens

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    Address: 438, Coleman Avenue, SanJose, CA-95110,USA

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    Happy Hollow Park And Zoo

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    Cinnabar Hills Golf Club

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    Almaden Quicksilver County Park

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    Address: 21785 Almaden Rd, San Jose, CA 95120, United States

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    Baan Thai

    Address: Morelos s/n Comonfort, San Jose del Cabo 23400, Mexico

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Serves one of the most authentic and best Thai dishes in town.the hotel is close to the must see destinations also.The ambeince is good.

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    Address: Morelos e/ Zaragoza y Obregon, San Jose del Cabo 23400, Mexico

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    Google Visitor Center

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    Address: 1911 Landings Dr, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

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    Gen Korean Bbq House

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    Address: 1628 Hostetter Rd, San Jose, CA 95131, USA

    Timings: 09:00 am - 11:00 pm Details

    You can come here to enjoy a fantastic meal in his BBQ restaurants where you will be greeted in a traditional manner by the waiters. There is a long chain of Korean preparations here. The seating arra...Read more

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    Five Guys Burgers And Fries Image

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    Address: 1085 E Brokaw Rd, San Jose, CA 95131, USA

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    This is a great stop to have some quality burgers during the busy hours as you don’t have to wait for long. The staff is super quick and you will always be on the receiving end of great customer...Read more

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